Ensure the stories or events that are important to you are kept for future generations


You or people you know hold the memories that you would like to pass on to your loved ones but sometimes it is difficult to know how to capture these memories in a format with which you could work.


Write Your Story can help you to achieve your goals by working with you, or for you, to:

* Research

* Locate resources

* Structure and/or conduct interviews

* Compile information

* Write your finished product  


From leaflets to books, your special occasion tribute can be presented in a style to suit you.


* Biographic services

* Family Histories

* Weddings - How often have you asked or been asked— “where did you meet?”

Why not share your story on your special occasion in a format that can be given to your guests as a unique ‘bonbonniere’…..

* Anniversaries

* Naming Ceremonies


….. or any other event in a form that suits you.



Or perhaps you would like to share your family story ……..




"This is the tale of Geoffrey and Denise. Born on opposite sides of the world they were brought together by such a combination of world events that the more romantic amongst us would suggest that they were destined for each other.


The stars were in alignment when the 19 year old Geoff, a stoker on the British aircraft carrier HMS Implacable, arrived in Sydney in March 1945 to take part in what was to be the last year of the war in the Pacific.


One day in late August 1945, after spending three months in action, the now 20 year old Geoff and his best mate Jack were at the British Centre in Hyde Park, Sydney.


Also in Hyde Park were the 16 year old Denise (Denny) and her best friend Isabelle. The four young people introduced themselves and as Geoff and Denny both say ‘that was that’!


And so, in 2014 after sixty-eight years of marriage and still very much in love,  this inspirational couple are sharing their story so that others, particularly their grandchildren and great grandchildren can appreciate and understand ‘where they come from’."




(Excerpt from the Introduction to the book - The Tale of Denny and Geoff: A Story of True Love by Carol Enderby)